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Welcome to iKasi Media 



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iKasi Media focuses on training in the Garden Route Klein Karoo and Cape Town. 

The Eden District Municipality has identified the film industry to be one of the most significant economic drivers in the region. Setting up the necessary infrastructure in this area is essential to meet industry standards. 

Our programmes are accredited and designed to develop a selected group of youth to become job-ready or to become entrepreneurs in the digital media space. All of our learners are placed in workplace mentorship, to gain hands-on experience in a supervised environment, and be guided on to employment.

ikasi film

Film and TV Programmes

1.The Film & TV 101 Orientation

7 days 

Entrepreneurship Development - 3 days

Film & TV Orientation - 4 Days

Recruitment for this part of the programme will be up to 25 learners. 

2. The Film & TV Skills Programme

Duration 8 weeks; 28 Credits 

The iKasi Media Film & TV skills programme including summative assessments that run over 8 weeks. Once the learner has successfully completed the workshops they could be placed into a 1 month workplace mentorship programme.  

This intensive hands-on skills programme will take learners through the basic aspects involved in producing a quality programme for film and TV. The programme is filled with practical activities and opportunities for learners to interact with the production elements. Built into this programme are life skills and entrepreneurship modules to equip learners with skills to find employment in the workplace.  

The aim of this programme is to equip each learner with sufficient exposure and skill for them to display their area of interest. By the end of the programme, they will have a clear direction for their future career in film and media.

3. Workplace Mentorship

Workplace Mentorship will expose the learner to further hands-on training in film or TV production environments. The skills learnt in the workshops albeit practical will be honed and tested in a professional environment. iKasi Media manages the mentorship with approved companies to ensure workplace and learner expectations are met. Each learner is issued with a workplace logbook which is carefully monitored by the workplace mentor and assessed by an iKasi Media evaluator at the end of the mentorship period. Eligible learners may continue onto formal internships and eventual employment. Integrating learners into the industry is critical once training is complete.

ikasi radio3

Radio Programmes

1. The Radio Orientation

7 days

Entrepreneurship Development - 3 days

Radio Orientation - 4 Days

Recruitment for this part of the programme will be up to 25 learners. 


2. The Radio *Accredited Skills Programme

12 weeks

The skills programme runs over 10 weeks and the 11th and 12th week will be Summative Assessments.

There will 3 main sections to the Skills Programme:

  • The Station
  • The Presenter
  • The Show

3. Workplace Mentorship

The workplace training will expose the learner to a further 3 months of hands-on training. This process will be managed by the iKasi media and regular contact is crucial to ensure that the mentor understands their role and that the learner is achieving their learning outcomes. In the workplace, the learner will be placed into roles that they have proven they are skilled and suited to. 

The learner’s workplace mentorship pathway will be as follows:

- Month 1: Retail radio station

- Month 2: Community or Online radio station

- Month 3: Commercial Station

iKasi Media Team

Lika Berning

Lika Berning

Lika is a well-known face in South African Film and TV. Besides taking care of 3 feral little children, she is also producing for her company Rocky Road Films. She also spends much of her time developing programmes for iKasi Media. Sharing knowledge and creating opportunities has been her passion for years. The successful roll out of rural training programmes has been her proudest achievement yet!

Lamise Inglis

Lamise Inglis

Lamise is a powerhouse Training Facilitator and Assessor with years of experience in Training for Film, TV and Radio, for the E Academy, Cape Town Community TV, and the I-CAN Centre in Cape Town. She has the biggest heart for young people and works hard to help them achieve personal success. Lamise balances being a mom, sitting on the board of several community organisations and is a member of the Collective Skills Group CSG

How you can help

ikasi helpAre you a Workplace?

If you are a workplace in the film and media space and would like to give an opportunity to young learners from iKasi Media, please contact us. You may just grow your scope or find your next business partner! Our learners are not only ready to learn but to add value to your company as an assistant

We also oversee formal internships and monitor and evaluate this process according to the MICT SETA requirements.

Are you a Donor?

If you are interested in choosing us for your Corporate Social Responsibility Project, please contact us. We can issue you with a 18A Certificate and pride ourselves in efficient and classy reporting for your Marketing and social media platforms

Are you a Learner?

If you are under 35, have a matric certificate and a passion for Film TV or Radio - Whats App us your details and we will return your message with all the info regarding our next programme. This is your chance to make your dreams a reality!

Success Stories

Julius mwaleJULIUS MWALE

My name is Julius Mwale and I am 33 years old. I started out in a junior position with Daron Chatz under the iKasi Media programme and I am now a full-time camera assistant with Call a Crew in cape town. It has been an exciting journey to reach this position and finally to work on local and international productions

Directing the Coke advertisement was an amazing experience for me. I feel blessed to have been able to work with the likes of Lika Berning, Daron Chatz and Stuart Palmer, from Lunchbox Theatre. I have learned lots of different things within a short space of time, on this job. I had previously never worked on a commercial shoot before. I learnt how to put together a director’s treatment, and how to think as a director, in terms of what shots we needed to get. I got the opportunity to work with high-end equipment, tracks and dollies, and am very excited about taking this experience and knowledge further in future projects.

COKE community commercial project from DARON CHATZ | PHOTOGRAPHY | FILM on Vimeo.

Indiegogo Campaign 

The iKasi Media team made a promotional video for an environmental campaign to rid the Keurboom river Valley of alien plants in the battle to save water in this drought-stricken region


SHORT EDIT from Lika Berning on Vimeo.


Contact us

1661 Ntaka Str, Africa Skills Centre, Thembalethu, George

044 884 0792 | 062 970 4127 | info@ikasimedia.com


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